Monday, June 22, 2009

Cherry Culture/Sephora Haul

So Ladies, today I got my Cherry Culture order in and I am excited. Here are the things I ordered and the prices. Following that I put some pros and cons about Cherry Culture and my rating.

NYX Single Eye Shadow in Red Head-Frosty = $3.50

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Charcoal [top] and Black [bottom] = $1.50 each

Blah Blah Eyeshadow in 9 = $1.00

.Go to to view blah blah in 9.

KissyWear Single Eye Shadow in Charcoal = $1.00

.Go to to view KissyWear Single Eye Shadow in Charoal.

I also ordered the NYX Eyeshadow Trio in Tropical/Yellow/Lime Green for $5.50. but I had a problem. The packaging company labled the compacts wrong. Instead I received a almost nude with brown and a tan. The lable on the compact was correct and so was the invoice but the colors were incorrect.


Fast Shipping

Safe Package


don't provide a shipping lable

had one wrong item

I give CherryCulture a YYYYYYYYY/10

I also purchased Sephoras's Eye Primer/Base = $8.00

When I recieved it i was very very tiny. I could barely fit my finger in it. But my makeup did stay on longer. So I give Sephora a YYYYYYYYY/10 also. The gift box = $4.00 was deffinately worth four dollars. It was nicely made and was magnetic!!

xoxo, Brookes-A-Million

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hey Chikas

Hey lovelies,

The name is Brooke and I am here to share my love of fashion and reading with everyone. I will be making posts on quite a few topics soon so be on the look out. I will also have some contests along the way. Don't forget to follow and tell your lovely friends.