Thursday, July 2, 2009

Brooke's-A-Million's Mini-Book Review: The Clique and Best Friends for Never

This review does not contain any spoilers.

So I finished reading Lisi Harrison's amazing teen/tween novels The Clique [Now a Major Motion Picture] and Best Friends for Never. I have to say that these books are ah-mazing. These two books deffinately represents schools in the present whether it's private or public. This also gives adults a little insight into a teen/tween's life [which would include boys, parties, clothing, friend, and oh don't forget school]. The Clique series has deffinately has gotten major critisim from the press by them saying that her books are sending the wrong image to teens. What the press doesn't realize is that this is what a teen's life consists of. Since I am in my teen years I would understand this. Now I would love to do a full on book review but since this is a mini review I am going to make this as short as a micro-mini skirt. These books are down right hilarious and have major drama. I would recommend this series to anyone and any age. It is the perfect gift for a teen or a tween. I give [these two books] a YYYYYYYYYY/10. I must admit though I do prefer the first book over the second but the second is a good book also.

So I hope you enjoyed my first mini-review. Again, it's not as long as I would have liked it to be but it is a mini-review. Please be patient. I will have some videos posted soon. Just look at my "BROOKES-A-MILLION'S VIDEOS TO COME." This list will give to an insight to some of the videos I will be posting in the future. So thanks for watching and I hope to see you gals and guys later! =]

xoxo Brookes-A-Million